Launched Fox & NBS News

Aaron L. Williams is a Film Producer, Pianist, Software and Systems Coder, and Native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In his earlier career he served as the Regional Operations Manager over Comcorp & White Knight’s group of 32 television-broadcasting stations where he aided in the launch of NBC and FOX News in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, and Brownsville Texas.

Founded Digital Media

 In 2007, Williams founded Digital Media Production House, LLC and transitioned into becoming a key player in the development and production of new Films and Television series on films such as Cadillac Records, Mama I Want to Sing, Flypaper, JK’s House, Sinners and Saints, The Task, VH1’s Extreme Couponing, BNC’s Taste of The Town, Discovery Studio’s Bust Out, UP TV’s On Angel’s Wings, FUBU’s The Perfect Mate, AMC’s A Christmas Holidate, BET’s My Perfect Wedding, TV One’s A Christmas Prayer, Pure Flix’s Blue Lightning, Walmart’s Alien Shark, and has worked with many Celebrities such as Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Jessica Simpson, Ciarra, Mheki Phifer, Robin Givens, Eric Roberts, Billy Zane, Patti LaBelle, Lynn Whitfield and the list goes on.


Founded Academy of Motion Picture Development

In 2010, Mr. Williams founded Academy of Motion Picture Development, a film training and workforce development program in Louisiana that has taught and employed over 200 residents seeking employment in the film and television industry. He is also responsible for founding and funding Louisiana’s first ever and largest film camp, Motion Picture Development Camp, hosted at the Digital Media offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Awarded Top 5 Under 35

In September of 2011, Mr. Williams was awarded the Top 5 Under 35 leadership award by the Drum Newspaper in Louisiana and has been recognized and honored as an Honorary School Board Member for his works in providing curriculums and educating teachers and students within the East Baton Rouge Parish School Systems.


Launched TNB Network

In 2012, Mr. Williams aided Louisiana members of the NAACP in the launch of the following television station licenses: K31HO Shreveport, Louisiana, K45IM Monroe, Louisiana, and K45IY and K38 Alexandria, Louisiana and the following radio stations, WTQT-FM 94.9 Baton Rouge and KTJZ-FM 97.5, Tallulah/Vicksburg. Through these stations, TNB (Thought Network Broadcasting) was formed to develop and distribute urban gospel content. (

In 2013, Mr. Williams aided in launching the national television network, Launch TV, which broadcast via IP to over 43 million U.S. homes and over 80 million international homes.


Software Development for Baton Rouge City Court

In 2014, Mr. Williams revamped the Baton Rouge City Court, Sheriff’s Department, Constable’s Office, and Prison Systems by developing and implementing software solutions that would alleviate manual intake processes. Some of the software solutions created during this period by Mr. Williams are, (1) “The Master Docket”, to manage courtroom proceedings (2) “Toner Manager”, to notify admins on cartridge restock counts (3) “Lobby Kiosk”, a touch screen check in system to allow patrons to find their case and courtrooms (4) “OMV Receipts”, to create invoices and issue receipts for DMV transactions (5) “Reportal”, an online site that allows attorneys and prosecutors to pull records by case number from the courts database ( (6) “PS Photo Copy”, a report generator that scrubs and adds inmates photos to the case file (7) “EBRSO File Copy”, a sync program to link new inmates to the court jail call out department, resulting in quicker bail processing (8) “Red Light Systems”, to monitor and track tickets issued from traffic lights in Baton Rouge (9) a host of other databases to facilitate data transfer into various software programs for user groups: “Accounting Imports”, “Record Imports”, “Warrants”, “Jail Call Outs”.

Deep South Communications, DOTD & NASA

In 2016, Mr. Williams was contracted by Deep South Communications to head up Systems Networking and Software development programs. Some of the successful systems Mr. Williams built were (1) a satellite router system for NASA in New Orleans (2) A software solution for tracking bluetooth and DMX signs for DOTD in Nola in conjunction with the engineers at GEC (3) A Red light satellite traffic system for the DOTD in Mississippi (4) Redistribute Internet Service Distribution for neighborhoods and Apartment complexes via satellite through Southern Wireless (5) Create RFID Tracking chips and custom software solution for tagging and tracking warehouse products and vehicles.

LAB Prestige Awards

In 2017 Mr. Williams was appointed as the Head of Production and Marketing for Nexstar Broadcasting where he relaunched the CBS, Fox, and NBC Brands winning the LAB Prestige award In March of 2018 for his works.


Launched Black News Channel & The Asian News Channel

In 2019 Mr. Williams aided in the launch of Black News Channel headquartered in Tallahassee, Fl. Mr. Williams created the launch branding packages, set up the newsroom systems, set up the master control ticker systems, built the election graphics packages, and coded the Vizrt function for newsroom producers. He later went on to create 2 of the top ten shows for the network before it was later told to Byron Allen of Grio Network.

In 2021, Mr. Williams produced several “made to order” titles such as Blue Lightning (Pureflix), My Perfect Wedding (BET), Alien Shark (Walmart), Shamed, and Deadly Euphoria. Independently he produced, My Perfect Mate, Do You Remember, and Broken Seeds (FUBU Network).

In 2022, Mr. Williams released 7 movies and received 1 award nomination. He was also brought on to direct the TV One Original, A Christmas Prayer. His art piece Emanuel 9 was the Official Selection of the LA Film Prize 2022.

In 2023, Mr. Williams released 10 titles and aided in the National Launch of The Asian News Channel.