This is the story all about how, a synopsis in my mind wound up on Viacom. Bet+ to be exact. And it landed itself a number one in its category. Here’s the start to finish on how it happened. So My Perfect Wedding actually has nothing really to do with The Perfect Mate. Although I […]

The pattern of 4’s. For some reason, number patterns have seemed to gravitate to me more often than not. The pattern of 4’s was no different. I hadn’t even been 11 years old for 3 months when I found myself hurled over in the most excruciating stomach pain ever imaginable. My mom thought it was […]

So I was in the yard early this morning and next to the Oak tree was a patch of mushrooms. Funny thing, mushrooms aren’t actually even plants they grow in the darkness and can only continue to survive by slowly eating away at the actual living organisms that they have attached themselves too. This excerpt […]

Law of 9s as observed by Aaron L Williams  Once I remember traveling on a long road trip with my parents and siblings. I must’ve been in my early teens. It was 7 of us crammed in a small car and I was bored out of my mind so I found an exciting way to […]