So I was in the yard early this morning and next to the Oak tree was a patch of mushrooms. Funny thing, mushrooms aren’t actually even plants they grow in the darkness and can only continue to survive by slowly eating away at the actual living organisms that they have attached themselves too. This excerpt from wiki gave me great clarity on possible mushrooms in my own life.

“Mushrooms can grow without light because they are not plants. This means they don’t have chlorophyll and absorb energy from the sun by using photosynthesis. They break down organic material from other plants or live as a parasite on living plants to survive.”

Bad relationships and bad understanding are darkness. Toxic things can grow in this darkness. Look for relationships that are nourished in the light, not relationships that feed on darkness. Shine light on lack of understanding, so that animosity from ignorance does not grow in the darkness. Mushrooms grow in the dark.

Are any bad relationships or misunderstandings causing mushrooms or fungi to grow in that darkness inside of you and eating away at the little life you have left? Maybe it’s time to shine light in the dark.

~ Aaron L Williams, Jan. 16, 2023

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